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Leading In and Out of the Box™

A Leadership Program focused on Diversity & Inclusion

As businesses become more global, the ability of leaders to capitalize on the diversity of their people becomes extremely critical. Leaders must be able to get perspectives from people who are not like them, i.e. those who think differently and come with a variety of experiences and from diverse backgrounds. They must also create an environment where everyone can be their authentic self.  In other words, leaders must make a conscious effort to be more inclusive.


Unfortunately, most of us have an invisible “box” over our heads.  This “box” represents our biases. We may not be aware of them but they influence the way we make assumptions and judgments about others.  They can blindside us into making bad decisions.

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In this leadership course, participants are given a specially designed box which they will customize to represent the invisible boundaries that they place on their thinking.  By identifying these boundaries, participants become better equipped to know how to open new filters, go beyond their self-imposed limitations and start to think and lead out of the box.


Facilitated by a certified In-and-out-of-the-Box™ facilitator, this program can be delivered as a one-day standalone Inclusive Leadership workshop or as part of a larger leadership development initiative.

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