The RISE To Lead™ Program

Now with Follow-On Mobile eLearning to Sustain the Learning


It takes intention, commitment and effort to grow from a positional leader to one who is respected by others.  It also requires building expertise in four competency areas to RISE up the levels of leadership:

  • Relationship Building

  • Impacting Others

  • Strategic Focus

  • Equipping People

We have designed our the RISE To Lead™ program to meet the leadership demands of senior and middle managers. The program is built the foundation of the 5 Levels of Leadership, a concept pioneered by John C. Maxwell the World’s No.1 Leadership Expert. 

Delivered to Excellent Reviews in Singapore & Malaysia

The program gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their experience as a leader, and to gain insights into what it takes to become even more effective at leading people.  This program has received excellent reviews from past participants.

Program Agenda
The topics that we will explore during the program include:


Leadership Self Discovery

  • Insights into the 5 Levels of Leadership, a concept pioneered by John Maxwell which guides leadership action and development

  • Appraising your current managerial style

  • Adopting the right managerial style in a given situation

Relationship Building

  • Developing Shared Interests

  • Building Trust

  • Showing Appreciation

  • Reciprocating

Impacting Others

  • Managerial Power

  • Persuasion & Influence Strategies

  • Driving Performance


Strategic Focus

  • Building a Shared Vision

  • Aligning Team & Individual Goals with Organizational Objectives


Equipping People

  • Guiding the Development of People

  • Growing People for Success


Learning Methodology
Besides lectures and group discussions, participants will learn through best-in-class self-discovery tools, discussions, interactive activities, mini-simulations and role-plays.  Participants will also develop a plan to apply what they have learnt in the program back on the job.

Follow-On Mobile eLearning
The program does not end with the workshop.  For one year after workshop, participants will continue to be engaged via an eLearning platform which they can access via their smartphones, laptops and PCs anytime anywhere.  Through this platform, we will provide participants with monthly updates on the latest content in leadership development from thought leaders all over the world. These include the latest research, articles, TED Talks etc.  We believe that this will go a long way in sustaining participants’ motivation to apply what they learn in the workshop and become better leaders.

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