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John Maxwell's Intentional Living (Mastermind)

Success is when you add value to yourself. Significance is when you add value to others. We often hear of highly "successful" people in the organization who are hesitant to coach, develop and grow their colleagues and team members. While they may individually be high performers, they are also roadblocks to the organization's effort to build a pipeline of future leaders. How then do you help them move from Success to Significance

In this Mastermind program, we offer ten lessons to encourage people to make a difference to the lives of others. Based on John C. Maxwell's bestselling book, Intentional Living, the ten lessons are:

  1.  Your Life Can Be a Great Story

  2. Why Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

  3. Start Small but Believe Big

  4. Search Until You Find Your Why

  5. Put Other People First

  6. Add Value to Others from Your Sweet Spot

  7. Connect with Like-Minded People

  8. Partner with Like-Valued People

  9. Live with a Sense of Anticipation

  10. Be Urgent about Seizing Significance Opportunities

Participants will leave the program with a new sense of what success means to them. More importantly, they will leave with an action plan of how they can contribute to the growth and success of others in their organizations and communities.

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