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Our Value Proposition

The Leadership Performance Group is led by a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team. Our aim is to provide you with Credible Customised Content to enable you to develop great leaders in your organisation.


  • Credible – The most important element of any consulting intervention is the consultant working with you. When we partner you, you can be assured that an experienced consultant will engage you throughout the intervention. We do not staff our projects with new consultants and make you pay for their training!

  • Customized – Our philosophy is to take the best leadership training content available and align it with the language of your organization (e.g. your organization's values, competency models, performance management processes etc). 

  • Best-in-Class Content – What we bring to the table is best-in-class content from various providers – we are not constrained to using only content from a single provider. Even though we are certified John Maxwell Team members, we believe in incorporating licensed content from other leading providers (e.g. the MTBI, Leadership Styles Workbook, Campbell Leadership Descriptor, Gallup StrengthsFinder, Learning Tactics Inventory etc.) into our leadership courses.  We believe that this will result in a best-of-breed leadership program for our clients.

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