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Effective Performance Conversations

In Support of Effective Performance Appraisals


Many organizations are rethinking the Performance Management process. They have finally realized that after spending thousands of man-hours every year on the annual performance appraisal, overall performance has not improved. Worse, the traditional annual performance appraisal has resulted in widespread employee skepticism and demotivation.

As such, many organizations are revamping their Performance Management process to include regular Performance Conversations throughout the year. These conversations are designed to created two-way dialogue - about what is going well, what needs to change and how the employees' and the organization's interests can be better aligned.


Program Design

We have worked with organizations to design half-day and one-day interventions to:

  • Provide managers and employees  with a​ systematic framework to conduct effective Performance Conversations.

  • Instill in managers to take a more consultative approach (rather then telling approach) in guiding the development of their direct reports.

  • Equip managers to deliver effective feedback, both positive and constructive.

  • Prepare managers for "tough questions" that they will be asked so that they do not avoid them.

  • Bring across the realization that Performance Management is not just a once-a-year conversation.

Target Audience

This program is targeted at managers and employees at all levels of the organization.

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