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John Maxwell's Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn (Mastermind)

The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn, based on John C. Maxwell’s bestselling book of the same title, describes the eleven elements that make up the DNA of those who learn:

  • Humility – The Spirit of Learning

  • Reality – The Foundation of Learning

  • Responsibility – The First Step of Learning

  • Improvement – The Focus of Learning

  • Hope – The Motivation of Learning

  • Teachability – The Pathway of Learning

  • Adversity – The Catalyst of Learning

  • Problems – The Opportunities of Learning

  • Bad Experiences – The Perspective for Learning

  • Change – The Price of Learning

  • Maturity – The Value of Learning


We can deliver the ideas of Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn via a Mastermind program.

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