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John Maxwell's Leadership Gold

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to developing leadership abilities. All of us venerate great leaders because they are the ones who truly make a difference. They positively impact the lives of people that they are leading and help bring the organisation to greater heights.

Leadership Gold is a book that John Maxwell promised not to write until he turned 60, when he had accumulated enough leadership experience, achieved enough leadership success and made enough leadership mistakes that he could share with others. The Leadership Gold program describes 26 of his most valuable leadership lessons, earned from forty years of experience. The program can be delivered together with a leadership assessment tool to provide participants with insights into their own leadership effectiveness and style.

This program provides an excellent forum for participants to discuss some of the most difficult and challenging aspects of leading, including helping people see reality, identifying and grooming those with high potential, owning up to leadership mistakes, making trade-offs and managing change and transitions.

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