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John Maxwell's How to be a REAL Success

Success as a leader in an organization is about knowing your purpose, growing to your maximum potential; sowing the seeds that benefit others. It is a rather simple recipe yet requires awareness, practice and mentoring to achieve.


This program is based on the following John Maxwell book’s: Relationships 101, Equipping 101, Attitude 101 and Leadership 101.

The most important relationship that you need to build start is with yourself. What are my strengths, weaknesses, motivations, values and talents? Only by understanding and accepting yourself, can you then focus on building effective relationships with others.

People fail to equip others due to the energy required, the underestimation of others’ abilities, the enjoyment of completing tasks themselves, the need to strengthen the ego by being needed, the habit of doing everything, the need to be in control and the inability to notice leadership potential in those around us. Great leaders are great equippers and they grow their vision from “ME” to “WE”.


Our attitude is a choice. It determines our approach to life. It can turn our problems into opportunities. Taking inventory of our attitude allows us to grow and foster an environment to empower and equip those around us while also nurturing our inner leadership skills.


What makes you a leader? Are you a leader simply because of your position in the organisation? Or do people follow you because of yourrelationships with them and your ability to develop them to become the best that they can be? Are you a leader who grows other leaders? Leadership is a skill that can be developed and it is important to explore your leadership strengths and how you can continue to hone them.​

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