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Persuasion & Influence


It may be trying to convince your boss that you need a bigger budget next year. Or your child to spend more time doing his homework. Regardless of whether you are an individual contributor or leader, the ability to persuade and influence others is a key skill that we all need.

Persuasion & Influence Toolkit

In this program, participants will appraise their own approach to persuading and influencing others. We will then provide them will a toolkit of 10 persuasion strategies. This toolkit is built on the foundation of Emotional Intelligence and the understanding of human nature.

Managing Conflicts

In addition, participants will also learn tactics to overcome conflicts. The program will be delivered in an interactive format, via games and mini-simulations. Lectures will be kept to a minimum. It has been delivered to great reviews and many have found it fun and relevant.

Target Audience

The Persuasion & Influence Skills program is a two-day leadership program that anyone in the organization will find useful and relevant, be it an individual contributor, manager or senior leader. After all, all of us need to persuade others during the course of work regardless of our level of seniority.

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