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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can be defined as the ability to identify the right problem to focus on and to resolve it successfully.  It is a key skill that all employees must learn to become better at. By effectively gathering, organizing and analyzing the right information, one is more likely to arrive at the best solution to a problem. Unfortunately, critical thinking is a skill that we cannot entirely depend on schools and universities to develop. Indeed a recent Wall Street Journal article reported that many institutes of higher education in the United States, even the major ones, fail to improve the critical thinking abilities of their graduates. This is not surprising since our education system focuses on enabling students to give the right answers, rather than ask the right questions. 

We offer a number of programs to develop the critical thinking skills of your employees. We can also equip them with skills to harness the critical thinking of others. Our programs include

We can also custom build a critical thinking program for your organization.

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