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John Maxwell's Becoming a Person of Influence

In the course of your work, you will inevitably need to influence others, e.g. when you make a request or ask for help. You don’t have to be in a senior position in the organisation to be an influencer; whenever you interact another person, you exert influence. If you are effective at influencing, those that you work with will respond with enthusiasm. The principles of influencing are universal, regardless of level in the organisation, culture or geography.

In this program, based on John Maxwell’s book of the same title, participants learn how they can become a better INFLUENCER by learning these fundamental principles:

I – Integrity
N – Nurturing
F – Faith
L – Listen
U – Understand
E – Enlarge People
N – Navigate
C – Connect
E – Empower Others
R – Reproduces Others

The outcome of this program is that participants become more effective at communicating and building rapport with others – and thus building commitment and engagement to the organization’s business goals.

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