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The Complete Consultant™ Program


The role of the internal consultant is to harness the collective brainpower of teams to identify the right problems to solve, develop creative ways to resolve the issues and ensure that these solutions do not create unintended consequences. As such, left brain skills such as Critical Thinking are very important. However, right brain skills such as Emotional Intelligence are equally important because the internal consultant has to get things done through people. This program aims to provide both sets of skills to build the complete consultant.

The program is delivered in a practical and interactive way. Lectures will kept to a minimum. During the program, participants will apply the consulting tools and techniques that they learn on real-life issues that they are facing in the organization. As such, they will immediately see the relevance and practicality of what they are learning. It also gives them confidence to take on the role of internal consultant when they return to the workplace.

Program Content

Critical Thinking Tools

In this program, we will provide participants with critical thinking tools and techniques to facilitate problem solving in teams, including:

  • Situation Appraisal

  • Open Space Technology

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Group Creativity Techniques

  • Systems Thinking

  • The 5 Ps of Change Leadership

Emotional Intelligence
Rationality and logic are certainly important for successful change management. However, as any consultant will tell you, the biggest challenge lies in getting people emotionally committed to change. This program will also discuss Emotional Intelligence skills such as Building Trust, Relationship Management, Persuasion as well as Managing Resistance to Change.

Learning Methodology
Besides lectures and group discussions, participants will learn through best-in-class self-discovery tools, discussions, interactive activities, mini-simulations and role-plays.  Participants will also develop a plan to apply what they learn in the program back on the job.


Target Audience
This program will benefit anyone who has the responsibility for driving change in the organization including internal consultants, change agents, team leaders and HR professionals.

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