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Collaboration Skills 


One of the biggest challenge that many organizations face is "silo-thinking". Different departments within the same organization pursue their individual goals without taking into account the needs and efforts of others. At its most benign, lack of collaboration leads to duplicate effort ("doublework"}. At its most serious, it can lead to serious unintended consequences because the actions of one part of the organization can create a crisis for another.

Organizational Simulations

Our leadership program is designed to create a number of interactive experiences that reflect reality in a typical organization. Through these fun simulations, we create "ah-ha" moments for participants to reflect on the question - Why are we not collaborating even though we know we should?


Collaboration Toolkit

Our program also provides participants with​ skills and techniques for collaborative problem solving. Participants will learn skills to build trust, identify shared interests, listen for needs, persuade to win people over and manage conflicts. They will leave with a practical set of skills to build collaborative partnerships in the organization.

Target Audience

This program is targeted at managers and change agents who need to bring about culture change in their organization, i.e. build a more collaborative workplace.  Depending on your needs, it can be delivered over one or two days.

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