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Building Leadership Influence


Leadership is about influencing people. For that to happen, a leader must first win the respect of others. Some leaders are respected for their expertise; some because of the strong relationships that they build; some for their achievements; some for the mentorship they provide; and some simply because of who they are and what they represent. The more pertinent question is this: Why are you respected as a leader?


The focus of this presentation is on building influence as a leader. We will present a framework called the 5 Levels of Leadership and describe what leaders need to do to RISE up to the next level of leadership. Using the concept of the 5 Levels of Leadership, you can systematically enhance your influence as a leader. The concept also provides a framework to build your leadership development programs.


The presentation will be led by Lim Poh Guan, our Managing Consultant who is also a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team. The presentation will be conducted in English.


Event Details

Friday 2 November 2018

3 pm to 5 pm



Wisma Genting

Jalan Sultan Ismail

Kuala Lumpur


3.00 pm - Registration

3.15 pm - Presentation

4.30 pm - Question & Answer

5.00 pm - End

This is a complimentary (free-of-charge) event for anyone who is interested in leadership development. If you and/or your colleagues would like to attend, please drop us an email at indicating your Name, Job Title, Organization, Email and Telephone Number.​  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration. It is very important that you register with your correct contact information so that we can communicate any changes in the event with you.

We regret that we will not be able to accommodate our competitors for this event (i.e. leadership development consultants, trainers and coaches).

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