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Becoming an Authentic Leader™ 

Why Authentic Leadership?

In the past, we have always admired the “hero leader” – the one who can solve any problem and who habitually swoops in to "save the day" for the rest of us. History revers such leaders and Hollywood glorifies their exploits - from historical dramas to action hero genres. Ingrained in our collective consciousness is the belief that to be a "real" leader, one must have some form of superpower.

The myth of the hero leader is gradually being debunked. As we critically examine history, we realize that many of these so-called "heroic leaders" were just as flawed as the rest of us – some even more so. Moreover, the people in today’s workplace view power and authority with a very different lens. Where people in high positions were automatically respected in the past, this is no longer the case. In fact, the reverse is true. Many believe that they themselves are smarter and more capable than their leaders and they continually question the credibility of their leaders. In such a climate where there is open skepticism and distrust of people in leadership positions, it is not heroic acts that will have the day.  Rather, it is authenticity, inclusiveness and openness that provide the foundation of great leadership.

This program gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their experience and values as a leader, and to gain insights into what it takes to become even more effective at leading people.  This program has received excellent reviews from past participants.


Program Agenda

No one sets out to deliberately become an unauthentic leader. However, when we are under pressure, we often rely on our “default” view of people and situations to make decisions. We call this unconscious bias. For the leader, this default view helps us make sense of our circumstances and take action quickly. However, this default view can cause a leader to make the wrong judgement about people, their strengths, capabilities and preferences. It may result in the leader excluding people in decision making. People who are left out will start feeling demotivated and disengaged. Ultimately, it leads to an unauthentic workplace where to get ahead, people have to pretend to be who they are not - because the boss has a view of certain "types" of people.


In this interactive program, participants will explore:


  • Their personal preferences, leadership styles and unconscious biases

  • What they can do to become more authentic in working with others

  • How they can build influence with stakeholders


Topics covered include:


  • Thinking/Working Styles.

  • Personal Filters - How we see the world.

  • Energizers & De-Energizers - and how they drive our behaviors.

  • The Keys of Building Influence as a Leader

  • Persuasion Toolkit

  • Authenticity - the key to Inclusive Leadership.

Learning Methodology
Besides lectures and group discussions, participants will learn through group discussions, interactive games/activities and mini-simulations.  Participants will also develop a plan to apply what they have learnt in the program back on the job.

Program Dates & Venue

The workshop will be held on Monday 22 July 2019. The venue is the Singapore Human Resource (10 Eunos Road 8, #13-07 SingPost Centre). This is right next to Paya Lebar MRT Station.

Program Fees

S$ 680 per participant


Early Bird Fee (Register by Monday 8 July to Qualify)

S$ 580 per participant

Group Discount of S$ 530 per participant (for 2 or more participants from the same organization)


Fees include all course materials, lunch and refreshments during the program. Details of payment procedure will be provided after registration. There is no GST.

Program Withdrawal Policy

A place will be reserved when you register. Kindly inform us if you wish to withdraw from the program by 8 July 2019 after which we reserve the right to charge 25% of program fee. If we do not receive a withdrawal notification by 15 July 2019, we reserve the right to charge full program fees. Substitutions are allowed.

Program Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel the program due to unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavor to inform participants of the cancellation as soon as we can. All program fees that have been paid will be fully refunded if we cancel the program.


Please drop us an email at if you have enquiries about the program.

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