Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

Our Mistakes Can Offer Us the Best Lessons – If We Choose to Learn from them

The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn, based on John C. Maxwell’s bestselling book of the same title, describes the eleven elements that make up the DNA of those who learn:

Humility – The Spirit of Learning
Reality – The Foundation of Learning
Responsibility – The First Step of Learning
Improvement – The Focus of Learning
Hope – The Motivation of Learning
Teachability – The Pathway of Learning
Adversity – The Catalyst of Learning
Problems – The Opportunities of Learning
Bad Experiences – The Perspective for Learning
Change – The Price of Learning
Maturity – The Value of Learning

The content of Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn can be incorporated into our programs to help individuals to better learn from their mistakes.